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Which way have you been looking this week?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

For me, it’s felt that no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve had a face full of hair.

On Tuesday, after an enjoyable coaching session with a client, I was restless and unsettled for the main part. I felt indecisive, and unequipped to make even the simplest of decisions. An underlying sadness, rested and stayed with me.....

Wednesday, after a late night and broken sleep, I felt shattered. With a real lack of motivation to get me going. I managed to convince myself to get out for a walk and this undoubtedly made me feel better - especially as I encountered a field full of beautiful horses.

And today, my mood has altered yet again - to one which is more hopeful and optimistic. Resulting in a more productive day working on my website.

When I confided in a friend, she responded:

“I know the feeling, had a list of 8 things to do yesterday got 2 done. I'm finding if I let myself have a chilled day, the next day I feel really motivated because I've allowed myself to rest. Just do whatever your body is telling you & enjoy a rest xx big hugs xx”

Sometimes, even though you know this to be true, we need to hear it from another before we can give ourselves permission to rest - guilt free.

So whichever way you are looking this week, if you aren’t feeling your best. Maybe, rest is what you need....

Sending love and light x

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