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Leadership Development

I am a skilled trainer, facilitator and personal / professional development coach who can work with individuals, teams and organisations to support performance growth.

Training & Facilitation

I have over 15 years’ experience of working with individuals of differing skills, abilities, personalities and backgrounds, both nationally and internationally. My expertise and skills include training and facilitation of Leadership / Management programs, Resilience and Wellbeing, Team Building and all aspects of training programme design.



I have spent more than a decade coaching individuals' across a variety of sectors and organisations, to increase their performance and develop their mind-set. I use a variety of techniques and work in an intuitive way, giving the coachee what they need in the moment to enable them to move forward and find solutions. 


Bespoke Solutions​

I work with my clients to understand the development need and what 'gap' needs closing. My belief is that for me to add real value to your business and people, I need to ensure that I am providing the correct solution. This often means providing a bespoke program - either building onto an existing product or designing from scratch. Identifying clear objectives and understanding the landscape, challenges and aspirations is vital in delivering a high-quality service to my clients.

What others say...


"I have known and worked with Laura for over 15 years, at first, she was one of my stakeholders at a key client in the early noughties but soon became a colleague whom I worked with as a Trainer, Coach and Collaborator.  


Laura has deep subject matter expertise and a passion for all things learning. She has an acute eye for designing programmes that resonate with all audiences and she has an innate ability to work with all levels of the business; from apprentices to Board room and Exec level.  I have always felt confident that when positioning Laura in with a CTG client I am offering my client an expert trainer who through awareness and compassion, as well as expertise and humour, is able to ensure that everyone walks out of the door having learned something about themselves as well as something about the topic of the day.  


Her coaching comes from the heart and her person-centred approach has always inspired me to use her in all of my coaching programmes. I view her as my own mindfulness coach and love the collaboration work we have done in the last 5 years on designing and delivering workshops and webinars on Leading Change, Resilience and Positive Psychology as well as Mindfulness and Wellbeing. 

Laura connects with people and people connect with Laura. This a rare quality in professionals and is one of the key reasons she is such a great coach and facilitator. Her humility and humour help her resonate with all ages and levels of the business and I for one look forward to many more years of working together.  


She is fun, incisive and deliberate to work with and this will always ensure great results for the client. I view Laura as one of my go to coaches and trainers, and in the world of training, development and learning (which I’ve been involved with for 28 years), that is high praise indeed."

Brad Solomon
Founder and CEO CTG Group 


"You have been a phenomenal coach in my leadership journey and you have strived hard to help me come out of my comfort zone."

"It was insightful to have an experienced and objective view on my challenges and keep me honest to myself on focusing on the right things."

"I think our instructor was outstanding in her delivery of the program. I also believe her heart was truly engaged in helping each individual in the room."

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