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Good Karma - Note to Self

Hmm. This piece of writing really made me stop in my tracks.

Often, when we think about our ‘purpose’ we believe that there is an end point. Somewhere that we need to get to. To feel a sense of fulfilment, success, happiness, contentment.

And this even applies when we remove the work aspect. We just replace ‘work’ with ‘life’ and again we begin focusing on goals and what we want to achieve. Where we want to get to.

Whilst this can certainly propel us forward, drive us and perhaps motivate us..... it can also bring pressure, frustration and resentment when we can’t get clarity on what ‘IT’ is - especially when we see others around us having seemingly located theirs.

Maybe, that’s because we are looking for one big, tangible purpose that doesn’t exist.

Maybe it’s not supposed to for us?

In fact, Maybe (as the quote says), we are already aligned to our life purpose? What if we have been overlooking this all along because it’s in a much subtler way than we have been led to believe......

Some food for thought today......

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