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Meet Laura

About me...

I have always loved helping people; contributing towards a person’s happiness, confidence and sense of purpose in life provides me with great fulfilment and this is something that has stayed with me throughout my professional and personal endeavours. Everyone has a story, a reason for doing what they do – I am a trusted, compassionate and intuitive individual who helps individuals to peel back the layers and grow into their full potential.  


I am very much interested in a holistic approach to personal growth and development; focusing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health to help individuals be the best they can be and leading to both happiness and success. 


I grew up in Lancashire, but currently reside in Hertfordshire. I am a northerner at heart and being one of eight, spending time with family is extremely important to me. 


I did a Performing Arts (Theatre) degree, after which I realised that perhaps I was not cut out for the acting world…. So, I joined a bank! It was here I discovered my passion for helping others to develop their skills and confidence within a professional setting. And so, started my career in Learning and Development. 


My values include compassion, care, kindness, integrity, loyalty, fun, belonging, honesty and freedom. We can think of values like a compass, guiding us through life and informing our choices, behaviours, attitudes and approach. We tend to be happy and content when our values are in alignment with that which we are receiving…. and not feeling our best when these are mismatched.  


No matter how much our head can try to convince us of something – in my experience, it’s this inner compass along with our heart and intuition (gut feeling) that can provide us with all the information we need to correct our course in life, leading to greater fulfilment. 

As both an extrovert and introvert I have a variety of methods to help me to unwind! When I’m feeling social it might be organising a gathering – bringing together friends for laughter, meaningful conversation and silliness! Or seeing friends and family on a smaller scale.  

I get a great sense of peace and calm when I am out in nature and around animals; be that with my cat ‘Felix’ or when I am horse riding. Yoga, Meditation, live music, theatre and festivals also bring me joy. 


My love of animals, nature, adventure, silliness and giving back – all make me who I am today.

A Northerner at heart...

And relax...

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