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“I first met Laura whilst working at Tesco in 2008. Subsequent to the numerous training courses that Laura ran (and I attended!), I was put on the Options programme in readiness for a senior management position. During this process, Laura delivered and facilitated a number of coaching, mentoring and training sessions, resulting in me being successful in my quest for promotion. Several years later I left Tesco but remained in contact with Laura not only as a friend, but also as my coach and mentor. It would have been easy to drift away from this once I had left the environment that introduced me to it, but I highly value Laura’s skills and approach and was delighted and privileged when she asked if I want to continue outside of the Tesco environment.


During the first year after Tesco, I had a regular catch up with Laura using SKYPE to facilitate my coaching which made the sessions much more ‘real’ than just a telephone call. The sessions started as professional based sessions relating to my next career move and the building of my own business, but due to a significant change in personal circumstances, these sessions crossed over to helping me through some personal situations. Without going into the finer details of those sessions, Laura helped me to successfully navigate through possibly the most challenging period of my life.


Laura has a very empathetic approach. Creating a calming and trusting relationship is vital in helping people open up, which in turn is necessary for us to be able to make the right decisions. Laura has an amazing ability to do this, and to listen when you want to unload, sympathise when you need support and encourage you to think about the alternatives that might be out there. She has a wealth of experience from interacting with high-flying executives to those just starting out on the career ladder, or from people that are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it to those that just need some positivity and support in their lives. She is always on time and rarely have we had to cancel an appointment, so you always know you are of importance and not being pushed to the back of the queue.


Laura is a great listener and knows how prompt you to open up. You can see by her body language and facial expression that she genuinely cares and sees you as an individual with unique challenges. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with Laura. Nothing appears to be a burden and she never makes you feel like you have ranted senselessly to her, even though you know you probably have. She has an excellent way of helping you come to your own conclusions without forcing her own opinion.


Having worked with Laura in a large corporate environment and at a personal level, I think Laura has the skill to bridge both of these extremes. Basically, if you feel stuck, if you need motivation, if you know there is a challenge but are not sure of what it is or how to get around it Laura will help you see it and overcome it. From a senior director to a new apprentice, Laura has the skills and experience to make a difference. I know that I will work with Laura for many years to come – whether that be in professional or a personal situation.”


Martin Vine, Programme Manager for Site and Innovation, Whitbread



“Laura Garner has provided personal development and leadership coaching, with particularly emphasis on motivation and engagement, applying a fresh insight of intrinsic motivations and a practical tool kit for use within our business. Using natural language and techniques, Laura seamlessly articulates the basics to convert concepts into tangible strategies.

I find working with Laura both enjoyable and inspiring. Through truly intriguing insights to challenge current preconceptions combined with a warm and utterly likeable manner; Laura remains first choice for leadership training within our regional business”

Dave Williams, Head of Design, Kier Construction Central

“I have had the opportunity to work with Laura for the last four years as a professional coach in both group settings and one to one coaching. Over this time, she has delivered a wide range of topics across diverse international teams. Based on initial briefs and discussion she has evolved these to a structured program with impactful insights.  


Having engaged and experienced the process, I am always impressed with her insight and knowledge in the subject matter and the outcome achieved.  


Each experience has had a long-lasting impact on the people and raised our business outcomes.” 


Simon Williams, Senior Director, Head of Partners and Alliances, Tibco 

“I have known Laura for over 5 years now. We first started to work together when she was delivering a Senior Leadership programme at Tesco for me.


She has helped me settle into a new role by focusing on the advantages instead of the challenges. Laura is great at supporting decision making with questioning and reflection techniques.


She also armed me a number of tools to deal with new and challenging situations to heighten my self-awareness. Laura’s style is versatile and relaxed – It’s been a pleasure working with her and I would be happy to recommend her as an executive career coach.”


Anisha Patel, Director of Technology, Paddy Power Betfair

“Laura was my coach for a 6-month period. I had been struggling with dealing with a very demanding boss who’s values and leadership style were quite different from my own. Having initially discussed by telephone, Laura suggested I complete the Insights 360 process to identify my own style and preferred approach. With this information Laura helped me navigate the challenges I faced and tailor my communication style and expectations to reach a manageable and satisfying way of working with my boss.

Laura is patient, reliable and personable. She probes conversation to ensure we reach the underlying issue.
Our action plan through this period was with an end goal in mind, that I had set in our second meeting.
Now 12 months post starting our meetings (and 6 months since we last met), I continue to use the approach we determined and it continues to help.

In the last month Laura has emailed and we have had a couple of ‘check in’ calls which have been helpful. Laura initiated this to see how I was doing, which was much appreciated as the journey continues. I would thoroughly recommend coaching with Laura.”


Anna Chapman, Vice President, Toys & Stationary, EMEA at The Walt Disney Company


“Laura was my formal coach starting from June 2018 to March 2019 for my leadership development program.


I was never in the habit of coaching people and underestimated the benefits of coaching, until I personally went through professional coaching with Laura. 


In my leadership journey, she has helped me transform as a leader through coaching. I have built confidence in stakeholder engagement and now remain calm in stressful situations. I am managing a global team more effectively through clear and crisp communication. All this through coaching from Laura!


Laura is a very systematic and understanding coach. In every coaching session she makes sure I reflect on what I have practiced from our last session, how it has been pivotal in my leadership journey and then go ahead with the next topic. She asks the right questions at the right time helping you to introspect yourself deeply.


I have been extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated professional coach on my journey”

Renu Jhamtani, Senior Manager, Red Hat

“I started working with Laura when I set up a network marketing company, she acted as my coach and mentor. 

I loved having Laura as a coach. Having had her as a friend for 10 years I was unsure how it would be having her as a coach; but she was very professional, compassionate, understanding and firm but fair. She was not at all pushy in her style, a lot of the time she was helping to guide me to what I already knew but I either did not have the confidence to believe in my own ability or in my decision-making ability.  She always gave honest advice. 


I feel she is very versatile; however, I think her passion lays in helping people with personal growth; be that in their personal life or professional. I feel Laura is suited to both due to her natural attributes - she is kind, compassionate, passionate about helping people believe in themselves and reach their full potential. Equally she can be firm and fair if that is what is needed. She has years of experience in coaching and training in a variety of environments. I would highly recommend Laura as a coach.”


Tracey Donnelly, Business Owner


“My coaching with Laura started in year 2017 and she helped me to take my career to another level and this did not happen in a context that I would not know much about personal development. I am a person who has been interested in personal development for years, seeking to learn from others and attending courses. But the one-to-one coaching is irreplaceable!


I became much stronger in the course of our coaching program with Laura. In a certain way, Laura helped me from a person who was so conditioned by my own subconscious interpretation of various life events to a place where I became much stronger and more aware of where and what I want to be, do and have in my life. From dealing with and sorting out issues to looking at ways to work and interact with other people, becoming interested in leadership techniques.”

Joanne Koh, APAC Senior Revenue Manager & OTC

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