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Personal Development

I’ve had an interest and passion for personal development for as long as I can remember. This has been satisfied through reading books, attending events & workshops and receiving coaching.  


I have also always been curious about people; why do we do what we do? how have we got to where we are? What stops us from being who we feel we are deep down and living a life of contentment? These are just some of the questions that fascinate me. 


There is something very magical about creating a safe space and giving permission for individuals to share their unedited truth. And even greater magic, in helping them to explore and unravel solutions – stored within themselves - to solve their own problem, tackle challenging situations head on and face fears that are holding them back.  


It is my deeply held belief that we have far more control than we first perceive. Coaching can help to instil and unearth the self-belief, skills and knowledge to not just survive, but to thrive in life. I am passionate in helping more people to experience this. 


Coaching has acted as a guide and support for some courageous decisions in my life. Were it not for this, I would never have taken a 3-month career break to do volunteer work in Botswana. I would not have grasped the opportunity to take redundancy from Tesco and set up my own business. Nor would I have had the confidence and courage to face into critical conversations (both personally and professionally). 


The energy and connection that is generated within a group environment is another development element that I love. To enter a room at the start of the day, often as strangers or estranged colleagues; only to leave with a deeper connection and sense of really ‘knowing’ one another, brings a huge sense of satisfaction. Witnessing individuals facing into their difficulties and facilitating the exploration of skills and techniques to support them is priceless. This requires trust, safety, confidentiality – all of which form the core of my business and what I stand for. 


Perhaps you are feeling ‘stuck’. Unhappy with your life in some way. Or need to fuel your passion. If this sounds like you, I can help you! Please get in touch – I am here to help.


What others say… 


“I know Laura as a colleague, friend and client.  She is someone who has great insight, awareness, courage, care and determination. Thoughtful in the way she works, Laura will always aim to challenge and support in the best way for you. She has an intuitive way of seeing things, knowing what needs to be said and a care with which she says it. She will stay with you on the journey of growth and will stretch you to see things differently.  There is a depth of understanding which she brings to her own development and that of others which makes working with her both pleasurable and challenging at the same time. Laura can definitely bring out the best in you and in others.” 


Alistair Elliott 

Mindfulness Practitioner / Teacher, Coach & Facilitator  

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