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  • Laura Garner

What if we all gave each other permission to be 30% more d**kish right now?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Let’s face it, we’ve all been judgemental of others when we’ve been out shopping or doing our daily exercise. When we’ve been looking at social media and watching the news.

Some of us will have been feeling more frustrated, irritated and less tolerant during this lockdown period....taking it out on ourselves, our partners, kids or strangers....

But maybe, we should all give each other a break and allow this 30% increase for ourselves and others?

I’m a pretty compassionate person. I think of others a lot. I look at others situations and try to consider different perspectives. AND I can be a d***.

In fact, that 30% increase occurred on a walk on Friday with a friend. Maybe because it was a new location, but it’s almost like I was on high alert - the joggers getting too close, my friend clearly not aware of what a 2-metre distance is in reality (or was that my paranoia kicking in?), the public toilets being open (don’t ask) and then those who clearly weren’t living in the same household but walking hand in hand.

Oh, the judging. And the shame associated with thinking and feeling this way. Where had my compassion gone? My Survival mode had taken over....

Because, all it really comes down to is us being scared on some level. Feeling threatened. And not being able to control things right now.

Have a read of this article. Honest and practical. Embrace your inner d**ckishness and give yourself and others a break ❤️

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