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  • Laura Garner

What if it is possible?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Last week, I went for a walk across a huge expanse of land. A new route which I was unfamiliar with, but in the midst of lockdown I was desperate to add some variety to my outdoor time. Three quarters of the way round something made me check my pocket for my front door key. It wasn’t there! I searched through each pocket methodically, checking for possible holes, but none were to be found. When I tracked back mentally, I realised that it must have fallen out when I took some tissue out of my pocket around 15 minutes earlier.

Now this wasn’t the end of the world - there were spares... but I was curious to know if I could find the lost key amidst all this grassland. I pride myself on finding dropped contact lenses  I was up for the challenge, how hard could this be?

All I had to go on was a snapshot of a memory captured as a video playing in my mind - 2 people, a bend in the track, a dog poo and a white stone......

Back I walked, to the place that roughly matched my memory, I scoured the long grass for anything shiny... also assessing the various dog creations and wondering if each were that which I almost trod on earlier. Walkers passed by glancing quizzically at the crazy lady who appeared to have lost her mind!!

And then, as a mirage appears in a desert, so too did my key! Bold as brass, waiting patiently, for its owner to come and collect it.

I wonder what the chances were of finding this lost item? On the face of it, I’d say pretty slim!

This reminds me of all those times we talk ourselves out of things - choosing to believe “it’s not possible” “you can’t do that” “there’s no point even trying”. But what if it IS POSSIBLE? What if you CAN do that?

Be curious. Be open. Be hopeful x

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