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  • Laura Garner

Have you lost your Mojo?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

At 12.30 today, just 90 minutes ago, I was feeling restless. Perhaps even a little agitated. I looked at my list of things ‘to do’ that I’d written the night before and felt guilty about not having checked off even 1!! (Especially as I had chosen to take the day ‘off’ yesterday).

Amongst the things on my list were;

-calling certain family members & friends; but I didn’t feel like talking.

-Exercise in the form of yoga and a walk; but I was feeling sluggish and unmotivated!

-Brainstorming ideas for my business & wellness group; but was feeling far from inspired or like I could help in any way....

I knew I would feel better if I just DID SOMETHING, but our brains have a great way of getting us into a negative thought cycle which helps us to stay stuck!

I kept looking at my lawn that needed mowing (funnily enough not on my list) and the more I looked the more irritated I became.

And then, finally, I had a firm but kind word with myself - you could say a Self-Compassionate Kick Up the A**.

After all it was my responsibility to get myself out of this unhelpful state. I had a choice - to wallow and feel a bit pathetic, allowing my thoughts / emotions to impact me negatively...or I could take control.

So, after 90 minutes of mowing, weeding and clearing... I’ve now got my Mojo back!

My Point? Often, if we can focus on one small specific thing to do for a short amount of time (e.g. empty the bins, do the washing up, Hoover) to get the body moving, this will shift our state by altering the balance of chemicals in our bodies. This in turn helps us to feel more energised, motivated and alive!! The added bonus is often, once we start, we also tend to carry on for longer than we planned!

If you are reading this, struggling to get going, ask yourself….. “What is the one small step I can take right now?”

Wishing you well x

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