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Are you feeling out of control?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

We always have more control than we think.

Some like to consider our ‘circle of control’. Imagine yourself in the middle of this circle....everything outside of this are those external factors that we can do little about.

Maybe these are big things - like COVID-19! Perhaps you’re in a local lockdown, have had your summer holiday cancelled, or are furloughed from work? Perhaps you’ve been made redundant, or been told you must work from home for the rest of the year.... when we experience these things, our emotions can be overwhelming and unhelpful. Whilst I believe it is important for us to feel our feelings, I also know that it’s not healthy to stay in this space.

Now step back into your Circle of Control. Ask yourself, “What can I control about this situation?”.

Some answers might be, choosing how to respond rather than simply reacting, writing a list of everything that is in your head, challenging your negative thinking, speaking to a trusted friend or family member, getting some physical exercise or get an early night (which as we know contributes positively to our overall wellbeing!).

We may not be able to directly alter the external situation, but we can certainly influence our relationship with it in order to create more stability, safety, peace..... and power!

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